Workshops at the LQ&N Christmas Fair

Torchon lace medallion

Pat Brunsden has created this stunning lace medallion specifically for her workshop. An attractive yet simple piece of modern lace that can be used as a Christmas decoration, Sun catcher or even a piece of jewellery.

Using Torchon techniques that are within the reach of most Lacemakers and will introduce to the use of the versatile DMC memory wire.

Pat BrunsdenPat Brunsdon

About Pat Brunsdon

Pat Brunsdon made and taught bobbin and needlelace for many years before embarking on a City and Guilds course where she discovered the delights of colour and texture. These days, Pat enjoys taking was is usually perceived as a flat textile into three dimensions. With Pat’s work, there’s no white and frilly ‘conventional’ lace, instead she creates dynamic, modern pieces of lacework that border on sculptures that feel organic and full of movement.

Pat is a member of The Lace Guild and The 98 Lace Group, with whom she exhibits her contemporary work. She also teaches regular classes and workshops to both adults and children.

You can see some of Pat’s stunning creations on the Eastern Region Textile Forum website.

Tutor – Pat Brunsden

Torchon Lace Christmas Medallion

Commences at 1.30 am

Finishes at 3.30 pm

Cost £15.00

To book click here

A ready to use prickings together with full instructions on finishing the piece should it not be completed during the time available

You should provide a 16 – 18 in round or domed pillow, pins 26 x 0.65 mm or similar, Prewound bobbins as listed

Red – DMC Special Dentelles No 80, Gold – Oren Bayan, DMC Memory thread

Inner circle – 5 pairs red (4 passive =1 worker) 2 pairs of gold and 1 pair of memory thread

Outer circle – 7 pairs of red (5 passive = 2 workers) 2 pairs of gold and 1 pair of memory thread

We shall have a small number of loan pillows available for use on a first come basis