The 26th Makit Fenland Fair 2016 Gallery


What a busy day we had at the Makit Fenland Fair 2016. Steady flows of visitors enjoying stall after stall of fabulous supplies for their crafts: Quilting, Lacemaking, Knitting and Crochet and all manor of Needlecrafts on display. As with all our Fairs, there was plenty to see, plenty to buy and plenty of room to browse each aisle and facility to rest weary feet and catch some lunch too.

Walk through the exhibits with us and see the day as it happened through our gallery.


Janet Cronin – Nuido (Japanese Embroidery)

Our largest exhibit at the 26th Fenland Fair was the wonderful work of regular to Makit Fairs, Janet Cronin. You could see her at work and appreciate the skill and dedication to the art and ask her questions about the her craft.

DSCF2531 DSCF2534 DSCF2528
IMG_2988 DSCF2546 DSCF2543
IMG_3016 DSCF2537
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Fenland Lacemakers

You could see the Fenland Lace makers at work and some of the work produced by the group on display.

IMG_3031 DSCF2551 IMG_3032
IMG_3003 IMG_3033


Liz Baker, Etui Coterie – Kumihimo (Japanese Braiding)

Liz Baker showed us the ancient technique of Kumihimo and gave us an opportunity to try our hand at Kumihimo and take home our creation.

DSCF2553 DSCF2554 IMG_3039


Our trade suppliers and visitors enjoying the day


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