Rela Designs- knitting bags

Rela Designs – limited edition fabric bags

Rela Designs started in 2014 with the aim of offering limited edition fabric bags. I enjoy sourcing unusual, textured and printed fabrics mainly from the UK, which I purchase in smaller quantities allowing me to keep the range of stock fresh – this allows my customers the knowledge that their bag is one of few.


“I enjoy the whole process of sourcing unusual prints and vintage fabrics, then designing and making each bag. I love to experiment with different fabrics, colours and textures to create eye catching, beautiful but practical unique products.”


In 2014 a friend asked me to design and make her a bag for her knitting projects. Her requirements were very specific, ‘a hardwearing shoulder bag with pockets for needles and other knitting necessities - which if possible, would stop her collection of cats from attacking the wool!’

Thus, the hobby bag was born.

Since 2014 I have worked with knitting groups, taken on customer feedback and requests and had a selection of knitters trial the bag. Five years on, the original hobby bag is almost unrecognisable to its former design.

The bags are sturdy and spacious, with a host of pockets on the inside and outside, which make the bag unique. The unusual slanted outer pocket has channels sewn in at the lower end to store crochet needles and the rest of the pocket is perfect for storing patterns or craft books. All the bags are lined with a co-ordinating cotton and inside there is pocket the height of the bag to store a selection of different sized knitting needles. Additionally, there is also pocket for scissors, tape measures and any other haberdashery you might require for your project.. At the top of the bag are two eyelets, pop your wool (or wools, if you’re working with multiple colour yarns) in the bag, thread it through the eyelet(s) and cast on - you can then knit without ever having to remove the wool, so it stays clean, untangled and you’re able to take your knitting on the go with you.

These are some of the reviews I have received:

"It’s a real gem!"


"Fantastic design."

"Quality through and through."

"So useful, spaces for everything."

"So much sturdier than I imagined."

I am looking forward to exhibiting at the Makit Fairs in 2019 and to compliment the knitting bags I now have a range of knitting needle cases, crochet hook cases and a new hobby bag for quilters.



Rela Designs- knitting bags