Makit LQ&N Fair, Peterborough Sunday 7th May, 2017


When: 10am-4pm, Sunday 7th May 2017
Where: The Peterborough Arena, East of England Show Ground, Peterborough, PE2 6XE

The Makit LQ&N Fair in Peterborough 2017 was another testament to the enthusiasm and excitement that surround our beloved textile crafts.

We saw many new suppliers join us and of course, our regular supporters and friends came along to make this event even better than previous years! We had many positive comments from visitors and exhibitors about the day and that’s made the months in the organisation really worthwhile to provide such a prestigious event to the crafting communities.

If you missed it, or if you just want to revisit the day, sit back and enjoy as we take you on a visual journey through the Peterborough, LQ&N Fair 2017.


The day begins!

A steady flow of visitors arrives to get us off to a good start to the day. Taking their time to walk through our Guild Village, stepping in to the wonderful exhibition by the Embroiderers Guild, and our record-breaking attempt THE BIG STITCH! Then on to the Craft Haven to ask questions of the exhibitors and to help them and get inspiration for their own projects.

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The Main Hall

The biggest thing you will notice as you walk through one of our Fairs is the space our visitors and exhibitors have to move around. We take great lengths to ensure it is as comfortable and stress-free to manoeuvre around and there’s always a place to rest weary feet or sit and catch up with friends along the way!


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That’s all folks!

After a busy and productive day; visitors slowly depart ladened with their new purchases and full of ideas, our trade suppliers pack up and head on home – some with many miles to cover before a welcomed brew!
Until next time…

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