Makit LQ&N (Lacemaking, Quilting & Needlecraft) Fair, Peterborough

We would like to offer our sincerest thanks all our traders, exhibitors and visitors to the Makt LQ&N Fair Peterborough in May of this year.

It was a new layout from previous years' allowing us to utilitise much more of the Atrium space for stalls and traders. It also provided the opportunity to roll out our newest intitiative of our Make & Take stalls. These spaces proved very popular with the visitors and many new skills were passed on to younger generations, pricking their interest in a new craft!

We would like to take you on a journey back to the Makit LQ&N Fair. See the wide variety of textile crafts respresented at the fair and the fabulous exhibits we were fortunate to have onsite.

Getting ready

As with all our Fairs, we capture the traders busily setting up and getting ready for doors opening before visitors arrive.

Tudor Rose Patchwork stall
the atrium stalls
Gina G Silkworks stall
the common thread stall
Crafty UK stall

Japanese embroidery Exhibit by Janet Cronin

A stunning collection featuring a wide range of designs and fabrics that demonstrate the beauty and skill of this ancient craft. While most of the pieces are Janet’s creations, there were contributions from her students too.

Unveiled Treasures - The Lace Guild

This year’s exhibition from The Lace Guild brings together an eclectic collection of the many exquisite veils held by The Lace Guild Museum.

Favourites - The Quilters Guild, Region 9

The ‘Favourites’ exhibition, brought to us by members of Region 9 of the Quilters Guild of the British Isles at this year’s LQ&N Fair.

Make & Takes - a new initiative

The Make & Takes opportunities were a great succes for visitors and traders - an opportunity to try out a new craft and take it away with you!

kantha sittching make and take
stumpwork make and take