Exhibitions at Makit LQ&N Christmas Fair

We have three exciting exhibitions at this year’s LQ&N Christmas Fair presenting skill and originality in Quilting and Textile Art.


Flanders Fields – Sadie Yeomans

Remembrance – an exhibition by the Quilters Guild Region 11

The display of quilts from Region 11 of the Quilters Guild of the British Isles is on the theme of Remembrance.

There are two threads to the exhibits. Firstly remembrance of those who have been killed, injured or damaged in war service particularly World War 1.

The second thread contains memory quilts made for loved ones, some of whom may no longer be with us , or for family members or friends to record particular events and feelings.


Lest we Forget – Eleanor Marsden

Passion in Pieces – my broken heart – Eleanor Marsden

Veiled threats - an exhibition by Carol Quarini

Carol Quarini will be exhibiting a variety of lace, combined with netting and silk paper. She will be showing pieces inspired by science, and others from her most recent body of work inspired by nineteenth-century gothic literature.

The recent work is based on the gothic trope of veils and veiling. Examples include a black veil embellished with bobbin lace and blood red beads for Dracula’s bride, and another entitled ‘Belladonna’ with a trim of bobbin lace representing the leaves and berries of the poisonous deadly nightshade. A white veil incorporating lace and pins reflects Jane Austen’s equivocal view of marriage, while another veil with a simple bobbin lace trim, incorporating the words ‘no, no, no’, reflects the feelings of the reluctant gothic bride.

Carol has also produced a body of work based on scientific themes which reflects the lace-like appearance of cells, body tissues and geological formations. She will be exhibiting a series of bobbin lace necklaces referencing these themes.

More of Carol’s lace can be seen on her website www.carolquarini.com



Vampire Veil closeup by Caroline Quarini

Diversity – an exhibition by the Connected Textile Group

Ann Cooke, Angie Hill and Lynda Monk. A trio of artists who specialise in Mixed Media and Textile art. We met at another textile group, but we decided to form our own group in 2013, and our first exhibition took place in 2014 at Coventry Cathedral.

There are no boundaries, we use a large variety of materials. The current exhibition is a diverse collection of art using fabric, paint, embroidery threads, tyvek, felt, tree bark, and paper but this is just a taster it involves a whole lot more.

This body of work is both Abstract and Traditional, it includes collage in paper and stitch, rust and natural dyed fabrics, distressed and dyed paper, hand and machine embroidery, printed and dyed fabric with gesso and paint.