The 28th Makit Fenland Fair is proud to be hosting two stunning exhibitions.

Pamela Nottingham MBE

Pamela Nottingham MBE shares her personal collection of lace with us.

We are absolutely delighted that world-renowned lace expert Pamela Nottingham has agreed to take a short break from her retirement to exhibit part of her personal collection of lace at this year’s Makit Fenland Fair.

Pamela has been a driving force within the lace community since the late 1950s and played a major role in the revival of bobbin lacemaking as a craft during the 60s, 70s and 80s.

Pamela Nottingham grew up in Marlow, South Buckinghamshire - a town for which lace making was once its chief industry. Her ancestors include a long line of lace makers, some of whom would have attended the nearby grammar school where girls were taught to knit, spin and make bone lace.

Pamela Nottingham MBE lace-collar1
Pamela Nottingham MBE lace-collar2

It seems lace making was always in her blood but, as a young woman, Pamela was fired with enthusiasm to keep Marlow’s lace making heritage alive. This set her path for the future.

Over the years, Pamela has amassed a wealth of Bucks Point, Bedfordshire, Torchon and Honiton lace and parchments. She has written more than ten books on lace making and, although the books are now out of print, the market for second-hand copies remains buoyant throughout the world.

Pamela has travelled the globe as a lace making tutor and is considered to be the foremost authority on bobbin lace, especially English lace techniques. She says that. “Although most of my work is traditional, I realise we must move forward with contemporary work in a modern world. However, it is important that a few people continue to make ‘old’ lace and preserve the techniques involved.”

In 1996, she was awarded an MBE for her services to lace making.

The exhibition will be an opportunity to see some of Pamela’s favourite or most significant lace pieces close up. Although she has been passionate about exhibiting on occasion at Marlow Museum in recent years, it is a real privilege to share Pamela’s work with you at a Makit Fair.

Fenland Lacemakers lace collar

Fenland Lacemakers

The Fenland Lacemakers meet throughout the year to work on a wide range of projects. At this year’s fair, Fenland Lacemakers will be showcasing the different styles of lace made across the UK and Europe.

This eclectic exhibition will include examples of English Honiton, Buckinghamshire Point and Bedfordshire bobbin lace, Irish carrickmacross and youghal, and laces from France, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Spain and Malta.

Examples of the different patterns, styles of bobbins and variety of pillows used will also be on display as well as the opportunity to try making lace yourself.

Fenland Lacemakers lace sample
Fenland Lacemakers lace sample 3