When: 10am-4pm, Saturday 2nd December 2017
Where: Cranmore Park, Cranmore Avenue, Shirley, Solihull, West Midlands, B90 4LE

A big thank you to everyone who visited, exhibited and supported the Makit LQ&N Christmas Fair 2017.

Despite a misty start, eager visitors started to arrive early to get in a quick coffee before stocking up on their crafting supplies and a chance to get advice and inspiration from fellow enthusiasts! Here’s a record of some of what went on as the day progressed.

Early start setting up

Some of the traders came on Friday and set up their tavles and spaces with the remainder getting in early and putting the final touches before doors opened. A chance for us to walk around and check everything is ready and wish our traders a good event!

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Visitors also had the opportunity to ‘have a go’ at some crafts for themselves at ‘make and take’ tables  (You will see even more of these opportunities at our two-day event in Peterborough in 2018!)

2017-12-02 10.45.11 2017-12-02 10.45.21


2017-12-02 11.14.03 2017-12-02 11.15.09 2017-12-02 11.15.22

Revisit the Exhibitions at the Makit Christmas Fair 2017

98 Lace – Colour Coded

‘Colour Coded’ was inspired by the Carthusian priory at Mount Grace. The pieces in the exhibition draw on all of the senses, from the scented herbs in the monk’s gardens to the elegant influence of William Morris’ Arts and Crafts designs, or from the notes and words of sacred music to the vivid splash of blood spilt on a fallen arch during the dissolution.

2000-01-01 13.35.18 2000-01-01 13.42.55 2000-01-01 13.34.55 2000-01-01 13.35.07 2000-01-01 13.37.44 2000-01-01 13.37.57 2000-01-01 13.34.24 2000-01-01 13.34.11 2000-01-01 13.34.37 2000-01-01 13.39.022000-01-01 13.38.06 2000-01-01 13.38.25 2000-01-01 13.41.27 2000-01-01 13.42.05 2000-01-01 13.38.43 2000-01-01 13.42.35   

Also from 98 Lace…

Keeping on the theme of ‘Colour Coded’, 98 Lace will also be exhibiting, for the first time, a display of rings of various sizes to which most members contributed. Each member of the group was asked to fill the ring with lace – any design or type – but all with the same colour palette. Although the designs vary hugely and reflect the individuality of each artist, there is a wonderful sense of cohesion and shared purpose within the colours of the designs.

2000-01-01 13.37.12 2000-01-01 13.37.31

Last but not least, 98 Lace gave us another chance to see a previous exhibition entitled ‘Triangles’ that was first shown at Wisbech in 2014.

2000-01-01 13.41.01 2000-01-01 13.41.09 2000-01-01 13.36.11 2000-01-01 13.36.18 2000-01-01 13.36.39 2000-01-01 13.39.15 2000-01-01 13.39.31 2000-01-01 13.39.422000-01-01 13.40.01 2000-01-01 13.39.53 2000-01-01 13.35.52 2000-01-01 13.40.18

We hope you enjoy this exhibition of work by members of 98 Lace, which shows the diversity of design and talent within the group.

About 98 Lace


98 Lace is a fellowship of lacemakers with varied textile backgrounds, united by a common goal of giving contemporary lace a livelier public profile. The group was set up in 1998, with the aim of inspiring members to produce original work, pushing forward the traditional boundaries while demonstrating the relevance of lace today. Members are distributed throughout the British Isles, and beyond.






‘Ruby Squares’ by the Solihull Embroiderers’ Guild

Members of the Solihull Branch of the Embroiderers’ Guild – with some contributions from the Birmingham branch too – celebrate the branch’s 40th anniversary.

We were thrilled to be the first to exhibit the branch’s ‘Ruby Squares’ exhibition as part of these celebrations and it is the last time the display will be shown together as one body of work.



‘Ruby Squares’ is a truly astounding accomplishment, highlighting the breadth of talent found within today’s Guilds. To create ‘Ruby Squares’, each branch member stitched an eight-inch square featuring their own unique design. The only rules for the exhibition were that each square should be 70% red in colour and made using their favourite technique(s).



To complement the display, the Guild will also exhibiteding a retrospective of work in both 2D and 3D.

2000-01-01 13.44.56 2000-01-01 13.46.31 2000-01-01 13.46.44 2000-01-01 13.49.35 2000-01-01 13.49.44 2000-01-01 13.49.532000-01-01 13.43.21 2000-01-01 13.43.32


About the Solihull Embroiderers’ Guild


The Solihull Embroiderers’ Guild branch is open to beginners as well as those who already stitch or who are interested in textiles and textile art. The branch has an active contingent of young embroiderers, known as the ‘JETS’, who meet on a monthly basis.



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