Makit LQ&N (Lacemaking, Quilting & Needlecraft) Christmas Fair 2023


Saturday 3rd

December 2022 – 4.00pm


The National Conference
Centre at the National Motorcycle Museum,
Solihull, Birmingham
B92 0EJ


Entrance £8.50

 Under 12’s free Purchase here or at the door on entering the fair.


Our Exhibitors

Our List of exhibitors will be posted during April 2023

Workshops at the Makit LQ&N Christmas Fair 2022

Our workshop programme will be announced during May 2023

Exhibitions to Inspire

Our exhibitions will be announced during June 2023


The first list of traders offering demonstrations will be released during May 2023

Keeping you safe

Whilst all covid regulations have been withdrawn, the government guidance remains one of caution.

We ask visitors observe a degree of social distancing whilst on site, wear a face mask (available without charge at the ticket desk) and make use of the hand sanitisation stations.

Food & Beverages

Food and beverages are available throughout the day from the Coffee Shop located in the Museum Foyer.


Revisit previous Makit LQ&N (Lacemaking, Quilting & Needlecraft) Christmas Fairs

If you haven’t been to one of our Fairs before, or just want a reminder of what happened at Makit LQ&N (Lacemaking, Qulity & Needlecraft) Christmas Fairs see below for a snapshot of the day.