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Hand illustrated embroidery patterns from Pink Ink Designs

Cathie and Mel of Pink Ink Designs have been working together for the past 15 years. Through Pink Ink, they hand illustrate beautiful embroidery patterns, printed onto fabric for you to colour, stitch and create.

Cathie began her career as a trained illustrator who hand drew and hand painted illustrations for children’s books for a living. Mel, on the other hand, worked in catering before segueing into interior design. When the good friends had their children, Cathie began 3D sculpturing in paper and Mel soon joined her on the fair circuit. Eventually, the pair decided to use their skills to create special designs on fabric.

In November 2015, they launched Pink Ink Designs.

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Soon after they began trading, Cathie and Mel realised that they needed to strip back their colourful designs to a neutral template from which crafters could develop their own unique creations. This means that 100 people could work from the same design and no two finished pieces would ever look the same.

Mel says it took them ‘months and months’ to find the right fabric for their kits, “We needed to find something that would let the pigment move through it without becoming too washed out, but also stay put when we wanted it too”. The quality of the kits shows that the months of searching paid off.

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Hochanda-logo-channel-numbers-2These days, you can find Pink Ink Designs on the Hochanda arts and crafts channel once a month (SKY 663/FREEVIEW 85/FREESAT 817) as well as on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. They are about the launch their first fully 3D kit.

Make & Take with Pink Ink Designs

Every Pink Ink Designs kit contains one of their signature moth or butterfly designs as a practice piece. This gives the crafter a chance to try out different products and techniques before embarking on the main design. Drop by Pink Ink’s Make & Take stall to sit down and have a go. There will be a wide range of fabric paints for you to use and you can get helpful hints and tips from Cathie and Mel - they can’t wait to meet you! People have applied their finished designs from previous Make & Takes to purses, handbags, hair slides and more. Mel says she has only ever met one person who said working with printed fabric designs wasn’t for her! It’s a fantastic option for all age groups and ability levels – you simply take the design to the level that suits you. Find Pink Ink Designs at: