Don’t miss John Woodcock’s last ever exhibition of bespoke heirloom boxes


This year’s LQ&N Christmas Fair at Cranmore Park in Solihull on Saturday 3rd December will be a particularly poignant event for one of our talented exhibitors, John Woodcock.

John has spent the last 7 years handcrafting bespoke wooden boxes. In his eternal search for ‘something different’, he uses indigenous and exotic timbers and adorns his creations with quality fittings and luxurious finishes such as suede-lined draws. Through his company, Heirloom Boxes, he attracts commissions for boxes and cabinets of all shapes and sizes.

The many fans of his creations cherish having a quality heirloom box to store their family treasures, jewellery and memorabilia.



John has been planning his retirement for some time now, but has never quite been ready to put down his tools. However, due to recent poor health, he has announced that he will be retiring this Christmas and that the LQ&N Christmas Fair will be the last event at which he exhibits his creations.

If you’ve been looking for a special place to store your most treasured pictures and possessions or even a bespoke bobbin box , we would urge you to come along to the LQ&N Christmas Fair and see John’s intricate workmanship first-hand while you still can. Visitors are always delighted by John’s skill and creativity.

We’d also like to wish John all the best for his retirement. We wish him and his wife, Ewa, many happy years together enjoying a slower pace of life, although we can imagine John will find plenty of projects to keep him occupied!



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