Workshops at the LQ&N Christmas Fair


Continental lace pendant workshop

When you choose to attend this workshop, you’ll have the opportunity to create an attractive pendant as your introduction to Continental Lace techniques.

Internationally renowned lacemaker, Annick Staes will take you through the basic technique required to make this elegant pendant, also giving you the confidence and wish to advance to more exciting challenges.

The two-hour workshop should give you ample time to complete the pendant; Annick will provide the prickings, findings, beads and the feature stone. You will need to bring thread in the colour of your choice to the workshop (Annick recommends DMC Special Dentelles) and a detailed breakdown of anything else you need to provide, including the number of bobbins, is outline in the booking document.

You should have a knowledge of Torchon or Bucks point lace techniques before contemplating joining the workshop, which will build on these existing skills.

annick-staes-portraitAnnick States

About Annick Staes

Annick Staes is an internationally-renowned lacemaker who was taught to make continental laces at the Bruges Lace School from the age of 12 years and was awarded their diploma in 1986.

Recognised from an early age as an exceptional lacemaker, Annick’s work was first exhibited by the Bruges Lace School at international exhibitions when she was just 15 years old. One year later, at the age of 16, Annick learned English lace techniques under the tutelage of Margaret Power.

Throughout her career, Annick has taught in many countries, including America, and has participated in international exhibitions as well as in conjunction with the Royal School of Needlework. She currently has 12 technique and pattern books on continental laces in print.

These days, Annick devotes her time to teaching, design and the creation of new pattern books. In her spare time, she collects antique lace and has assembled a major collection.

Tutor – Annick Staes

Continental Lace & Stone Pendant

Commences at 10.30 am

Finishes at 12.30 am

Cost £15.00

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All patterns, prickings, adhesive and findings are provided including the centre stone. Together with full instructions on finishing the piece should it not be completed during the time available

You should provide a 16 – 18 in round or domed pillow, pins 26 x 0.65 mm or similar, Pre-wound bobbins containing the thread of your choice

7 pairs of East Midland or Brugge each pre-wound with 1 mt of DMC Special Dentelles No 80, colour of your choice and one pair wound with 1.5 mt of DMC Memory Thread as a gimp. Colour of your choice

Scissors, fine crochet hook or lazy Susan

We shall have a small number of loan pillows available for use on a first come basis